Friday, October 14, 2005

The girl who bought a tie

In a cool October night an unlikely group of female friends gathered; some single, some in long-term relationships, some engaged, and some married. Some un-employed (3a6l), some still go to school, some in college, some were employees, and some were businesswomen. Their ages spanned from 18 to 38. Yet they all had one thing in common; they were all looking for “love”.

Their target was the same, but their means of getting it were drastically different! “G”, who’s a novice in these realms, chose waiting and praying for love to come her way. “S” on the other hand, who was a thirteen-year expert, chose to mathematically beet the odds and thus try to get in as many relationships as she possibly can until one day she’ll find love. “F” chose to be practical and as the saying goes: “if you can’t have the one that you love, love the one that you have”, unfortunately, in her situation, the one that she had was a guy with zero-merits; he didn’t love her, nor was he faithful to her, nor was he a “no looks but a good personality” kinda guy, nor was he in anyway handsome, nor was he what anybody would call “a catch”. “L” who was convinced that love in Saudi Arabia was killed a long time ago (may be during the early-eighties or sometime close!) chose to look for love abroad, at first she tried neighboring countries with little luck, and now is trying the non-neighboring countries ;-) relying on some evidence that love is still alive there. “M” chose to find love using a hunter-like method: quickly and abruptly go in, take all you can take, then quickly go out never looking back at the people you hurt in the process thus maximizing one’s profits and minimizing one’s losses. “T” who was a perfectionist who quickly gives up hope of a tried and failed method, had read somewhere while studying Fung Shui that if you buy your awaited lover a gift and place it in a certain spot in your room its magnetic field will act as an invitation to him and he’ll come soon to claim his gift.. And now there is a Chanel tie in a neatly wrapped gift box sitting on her love corner. “O” had given up hope a couple of years ago on the whole male gender and chose to be a lesbian.. yet, years after taking that decision ; she’s still looking for love just like the rest of us heterosexuals.

In a cool October night an unlikely group of female friends gathered who were all looking for “love”. May each one of them find what she’s looking for in her strange own little ways ;-)

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  1. Blogger Majoudi posted at 1:30 AM, October 16, 2005  
    nice words .. I really liked them

    such a wonderfull consequence
  2. Blogger SaudiEve posted at 7:24 PM, October 18, 2005  
    thank you majoudi

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