Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Grandma’s and grandpa’s

While surfing the web and reading some of my fellow blogers’ posts I came across what yousef wrote about grandma’s and grandpa’s in ( http://abuhamad.blog.com/364598/) …This post brought up some memories to me.

Last year I lost my grandpa, he was the last one … my other grandpa and my two grandmoms died years earlier … and although he was the least closest one of them to me ( coz I live in a different city ) I cried him more than I did the others … one thought was with me when I got the news of his death: all the people who truly love me unconditionally have died.

The thing about grandma’s and grandpa’s is that - unlike other people who love you - they never expect anything from you , they r just glad you are there and they are here to see u . They don’t expect you to have good grades, to do home chores, to make them happy…etc.

Allah yr7m jdane … o kl mawta almslmeen wa almo2mneen (Amen)

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