Friday, June 16, 2006

Nothing to be done

Nothing to be done..

..a quiet
weekend at home,
between two homes,
time to read, watch T.V., write, cook, listen to music..

I highly recommend..
Woody Allen's Bananas, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
Having a mind-stimulating conversation about: modern inventions Vs. evolution theory
(أحسب الناس أن يتركوا) ؟! Scribbles:Walking up the hill...
Checking out:
Drinking: Moroccan tea
Listening to: Abu
baker salem- ma 3lena ya 7bebe (the original version), anything by Aznavour
Cooking: Gourmet homemade-from-scratch hamburgers

And, last yet not least, I recommend..
Carpe diem.

i'll update the list as the weekend progresses.


Update (Some more good reads)
Raf*'s posts what I'd call :
world cup 06 for dummies
عندما تذهب إلى الكنيسة


- Well, shall we go?
- Yes, let's go.
They do not move.

two quotes in red are first and last lines of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot .

Posted by SaudiEve at 2:33 PM


  1. Blogger raf* posted at 6:05 PM, June 16, 2006  
    dear e,

    i once saw a brilliant performance of "waiting for godot" in l.a. - it was so good that i had to control myself from jumping up and running on the stage to make them DO something already.

    theater can be THAT good.

  2. Blogger Fedo posted at 7:06 PM, June 16, 2006  
    You won\'t believe how close I was once to tattooing \"Carpe Diem\" on my left shoulder blade!
  3. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:49 AM, June 17, 2006  
    Life is 10% how you make it & 90% how you take it. Gotta love it.

    You've made int'l news Eve. :)
  4. Blogger SaudiEve posted at 2:17 AM, June 18, 2006  
    Mini Я
    "You've made int'l news Eve"!!!
    did i?..when? where?
  5. Anonymous Thornbirds.. posted at 8:47 PM, June 18, 2006  
    I think uve made int'l news too ;),the way i found ur blog was hearing some girls talk at college(in dubai) about a blocked saudi site :)
  6. Blogger raf* posted at 1:59 AM, June 19, 2006  
    dear e,

    the csmonitor's article is online:

    i'm not saying it's the best article ever written ... but it will be good for publicizing the fact that there are saudi women unafraid to speak their hearts & minds to the world.

  7. Anonymous blogless Dan posted at 12:33 AM, June 20, 2006  
    Congratulations on your newfound fame, even if you didn't ask for it. Saw your blog mentioned in the CS article, and I knew I had to read it.

    I notice you're a fan of Beckett. I'd like to steer you and your readers to my friend's blog:

    He's a working playwright, with much to say about Beckett, the theater, playwriting, and other things. He's always looking for new readers.

    blogless Dan
  8. Anonymous posted at 2:15 AM, June 20, 2006  
    Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. Seize the day, trusting in the next as little as possible. I quote the Latin from memory--not necessarily a good idea--but don't know where my volume of Horace is.
  9. Anonymous Rami posted at 9:21 AM, June 22, 2006  
    Can't Believe i am listening to Aznavour

  10. Anonymous ZeroOne posted at 2:26 PM, June 23, 2006  
    Hi Eve.....U made the news girl..:-) Anyway.. I read the story about Saudi woman blogging today on a news site....Interesting reading i thought..I want to ask u a question! Is the male gender of your population so fucking shortsited and stupid. Is their goal in life to suppress the female gender? Is this a way to prove their manhood, if so it is fucking pathetic. Where i live my wife can do what she fucking wants. Eat/shop/swim/drive car/get drunk/demand sex/.....whatever...and we thrive in each otheras company..Life is great. We call this mutual respect...One person can not under any circumstances control/own another person...we gave up this a 1000 years ago....enough of this..reat luck to u eve.....blogg on...I might drop u another line some time..LOVE..TO...U.

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