Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Every man loves his mommy

While closely observing three couples in new love affairs, during the past month, I noticed some almost identical behavior patterns in common between all couples.

Phrases like “I’m sick”, ”didn’t eat all day”, ”work/collage was hard today”, “I felt bad and needed you”.. etc. were articulated by all the men in the previously mentioned affairs within a period of one month. On the other hand, phrases like “you should take better care of yourself”, “you should eat”, “tell me the subject of your assignment and I’ll google it for you”, “do you need me?”.. etc. were articulated by all the women, and within that same month!.

These observations made me try to answer these questions; by facilitating the female’s sympathy, what common human feeling did those men seek from their female lovers? In addition, by practicing care taking, what common human feeling did those women seek from their male lovers? Bearing in mind that the women/men in these love affairs were of different ages, horoscope signs, and ethnic backgrounds!.

The answer came to me when I noticed a close resemblance between these previously mentioned words/situations and how a mommy treats her little children. I think each woman loves, when she loves, in a motherly fashion. In addition, I think that each man loves, when he loves, in a child-like fashion. With that in mind, one can explain so many seemingly unexplained woman/man behavior in a love affair context.

anyway, just doing some irrelevant unimportant thinking and stating the obvious to avoid thinking of what's really on my mind ;-)

Posted by SaudiEve at 8:25 AM


  1. Blogger a gaijin in nihon posted at 7:42 PM, November 02, 2005  
    :) and "every woman loves her daddy" ;).
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