Friday, February 24, 2006

احاديث سعودية

قلت و انا اضحك- اقدر اتخيل اللحين البنات المساكين اللي كانت تطلع اسمائهم في اللستات يحمدون الله على البلوتوث

قالت بيأس- ترا فيه لستات بالبلوتوث


قال- نعم, للأسف, هناك سوء نيه دائم و متأصل في كل امرأة حتى تثبت طهرها في مجتمعنا السعودي.. و انظمتنا كلها صممت على هذا الاساس في المدرسة في الجامعة في العمل , في الشارع في السوق في المسجد.. لماذا؟ الاسلام لم يعامل المرأة هكذا, الاسلام يحترم المرأة, لا يحقرها و لا يظلمها و لا يشتبه بها.. الاسلام قال ان المرأة التي تتكلم بإحترام دون مياعه و تلبس بإحتشام دون خلاعه و تراقب تصرفاتها لا يجب الاشتباه بها.. واذا كانت المرأة تحترم نفسها يتوجب احترامها على الجميع

قلت: هه! .. و ماذا عن التي تتكلم " بمياعه" هل يعاملها الاسلام بإشتباه مسبق؟ و الأهم من ذلك, من يحدد ما إذا كان اسلوب امرأةٍ ما مائع او غير مائع؟ على أي مقياس يٌعتَمَد في قياس المياعة؟ في قياس اللباس المحتشم و الغير محتشم بالذات في بلد مثل السعودية حيث يوجد زي موحد للسيدات؟ هل هناك عباءه محتشمه و عباءه غير محتشمه؟ من يحدد ان كانت امرأة ما تراقب تصرفاتها أو لا تراقبها؟.. و كيف يترجم الاسلام هذا الاشتباه لفعل : هل يمنعها هي بالذات من الذهاب للمسجد لانها "مائعه" و بالتالي من المشتبه بهم؟ هل يحجر عليها في منزلها لأنه يشتبه بها لأنها لا تراقب تصرفاتها؟..
اخيراً و ليس آخراً, "الاسلام قال" !!! متى ؟ لمن قال؟ انا شخصياً لا اتذكر انه قال لي ذلك.

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  1. Blogger raf* posted at 2:24 PM, February 24, 2006  
    dear e,


    'nuff said.

  2. Blogger reincarnated posted at 3:38 PM, February 24, 2006  
    Question, Do you believe in 'Hijab'?
  3. Blogger Devilish posted at 4:20 PM, February 24, 2006  
    It’s gloomy that we all interpret things differently. At times I wish things were as clear as black n white. Yet, they all claim to be the rightful !
  4. Blogger SaudiEve posted at 9:32 PM, February 24, 2006  
    Dear reincarnated, "Hijab" itself has nothing to do with what i wrote..

    re-read it plz, or refer to "devilish"s comment.. he sums it all up by saying "At times I wish things were as clear as black n white"

    you see "Hijab" is a black & white thing that doesn't need an inerpretation... but what makes a "Hijab" isn't... and how to treat women who refuse to wear a "Hijab" as one sees it..
  5. Blogger reincarnated posted at 11:50 PM, February 24, 2006  
    I dont think hijab is a black and white thing it's materialistic.

    I loved your post by the way it was so true and thats why i asked the question to see how you view the matter
  6. Blogger Hanan posted at 12:21 AM, February 25, 2006  
    Sorry if my response to an Arabic post will have to be in English; I haven't yet taken my keyboard to have Arabic letters added to it.

    Eve - Evil. It's embedded in the language. I realize the language I am referring to here in English rather than your language of choice for this post, but that is just an example of how evil and eve are related, not only in our culture.

    Woman is a mystery, has been a mystery for ages, and as our Egyptian friends say:
    إللي ما يعرفك يجهلك

    Keep on blogging. Your writings are interesting.
  7. Blogger ordinary girl posted at 5:06 PM, February 25, 2006  
    When it comes to woman unfortunately it is very easy to pass judgment in our society.. and the funny part is from women themselves, for several reasons like jealousy, different culture, and the list goes on.
    One big reason though is refusing the change in our society because it makes people feel safer to stay the way they are which make them very critical towards change specially when it comes to their (Ma7arim) or so they believe!!!
  8. Blogger Abu-Joori posted at 11:03 PM, February 25, 2006  
    The discussion you presented reflectes the idea that someone has the role of checking behind people and making sure they are going after the orders of Islam!.. which is something I totally don't agree with.. It is always your own personal choices and decisions and then responsiblity!.
    However, humans seem not able to get over the idea of looking into the eyes of others to evalute themselves!.

    If someone is feeling peace within.. hell with others!.

    Commenting on ordinary girl's comment:
    Judgement is part of peopl .. i think!.
    Maybe easier on girls coz .. many people in our society look at them as reason of "shame" .. but same judgement is passed on guys!.
    Just couple of examples..
    If you have a beared.. then you are mutawaa!.
    If you go to Bahrain then you saye3!
    and so on! :)
  9. Blogger cozy posted at 7:52 AM, February 26, 2006  
    hi there, my first time here it just wow i like the post and the blog aswell, i dont know if i can comment coz i'm kuwaiti :) yet, its so complicated and maybe in our mojtama3 we have this problem too in somehow..
  10. Blogger SaudiEve posted at 6:02 PM, February 27, 2006  
    dear cozy

    i hope you are feeling, well, cozy in my blog...
    (boy haven't you heard that one before LOL)

    ... welcome to my blog...

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