Sunday, December 25, 2005

Post 9/11 Saudi Arabia

Part -2-

Saudi women been 7rbeen (between two wars)

Back in 1991, at the peak of Anti-western sentiments in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War, a group of Saudi women took to the streets of Riyadh while driving their cars in a public protest to demand the laws banning Saudi women from driving to be changed in accordance with the rest of the world, and “Logic”.

Less than half an hour later, this rally was abruptly ended when the Saudi religious police “al-hay2a” captured the women, interrogated them, confiscated their cars, confiscated their passports to ban them from leaving the country, fired them from their government jobs (they were re-instated later on), Made public a list of their full names and the names of their male relative guardians “m7rm” to bring shame to any Saudi who belongs to one of the families/tribes mentioned in the notorious “driving ladies” list.

This example has been the “model/prototype” for dealing with anything “female” in Saudi for years to follow, until, ten years later,when in 2001, another type of war was declared on all western nations by a group of mostly Saudi Muslims, which caused a domino effect to take place all around the world, that effect reached Saudi Arabia and led -as a collateral outcome- to Saudi women slowly but steadily getting some of their stolen civil rights back.

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  1. Blogger A Daydreamer posted at 10:03 AM, December 25, 2005  
    i hear women will be driving soon in saudi arabia... is this true?
  2. Blogger Dotsson posted at 5:43 PM, December 25, 2005  
    Well Crown Prince Sultan, released a statement today in which he talked about the possibilty of the ban on women driving being lifted.

    "When fathers, husbands and brothers ask us for women to drive we will look into it, though if they ask us the opposite we can't force them (to let women drive)."

    Just another 'if' obstacle thrown in the path to freedom. This isn't the first 'if'.
    -'if they are over 30',
    -if they are accompanied by a male guardian
    -if there are strict laws
    if, if if.

    But then again
    "Without a struggle, there is no strength.
    Without a battle, there is no victory."

    Keep at it, it'll happen one day.
  3. Blogger Jo posted at 12:48 AM, December 26, 2005  
    If it doesn't happen now then it's never going to happen. Saudi is now undergoing its second economic boom which means Boody can make changes rapidly. He can lift the ban on women driving and only the extreme conservatives will be upset. The majority of the people here wouldn't really care, because their women wont be able to drive anyway without their permission so why would they make a fuss?

    People regardless of what system they live under, be it democractic or totalitarian, care about their financial well being more than anything else. It is only when their finances r messed up that they will look for anything to blame the gov with.

    So unless Boody takes advantage of the economic boom and does what's right then we're basically fucked forever.

    Plus I think that the people know that Boody is a good guy as he is one of the few royals not tainted with corruption. We all know Sultan and Naif are arseholes so no matter how much some Saudis may disagree with Boody's reform policies they wont make a fuss cuz they know if he goes they're financially screwed...
  4. Blogger ordinary girl posted at 2:38 AM, December 26, 2005  
    we all hope for the best and these days we are hearing alot about women driving. such a thing is not only for women and men advantages but it will aslo limits the amount of money sending out by drivers every year if not every month..
    Saudi Arabia is the second country after the US regarding the amount of money sending abroad every single year and you can do the CALCULATION!!!
  5. Blogger Saudi Future posted at 1:32 PM, December 26, 2005  
    May our nation rise! :D
  6. Blogger Reincarnation posted at 4:31 AM, December 29, 2005  
    The usual subject, I see it everywhere, not that I'm upset about it or anything, but, this is.. " never " the true problem.
  7. Blogger ordinary girl posted at 12:24 PM, December 29, 2005  
    even if it isn't the true problem!! it's a problem that should be solved.. and I do not mind starting to solve the small problems heading to the bigger ones!!!
  8. Blogger raf* posted at 1:08 AM, December 30, 2005  
    dear all,

    if one waits for the "big" problem to be solved first, before tackling the "small" ones ... then one will wait forever.

    reminds me of the "we'll implement democracy/free elections/free speech/human rights/etc. IMMEDIATELY ... after we've liberated palestine" attitude of various arab regimes.

    yeah ... RIGHT.

    recently they've shifted to "we can't do all that before we haven't completely eliminated the threat of radical/extremist islamism".

    yeah ... RIGHT.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:49 AM, February 05, 2006  
    Death To women's Rights.
  10. Blogger SaudiEve posted at 5:30 PM, February 27, 2006  
    “Death To women's Rights.” ….. !!!!
    Ok, now here’s a start of a VERY constructive debate :-)
  11. Anonymous oneviolin posted at 11:41 AM, June 18, 2006  
    Sometimes in order to actually solve a problem you have to go to the source, the heart of the matter and deal with the cause. Trying to handle the smaller problems only that arise from the cause without addressing the root cause doesn't cure the disease, it's like treating the disease's symptoms but leaving the vaccine in the next room. Handling the smaller issues is fine in the short-term, but eventually understanding their relation and role in the bigger arena, and what purposes that they serve in keeping the larger issues going, needs to happen so real change can occur.

    The idea of the whole, the total context---determines what the meaning of the smaller things are. Isolating the smaller things without keeping a vision of the whole can bring confusion to the meaning of the smaller things. There is a term for this----it's called "taking something out of context" and it refers to taking a topic or an issue or an idea and assigning all kinds of meanings to it without seeing its actual relation to the meaning and flow of the conversation or actions.

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