Friday, October 28, 2005

Love –itself- is mad at me

When your mad at someone you either stay away from them, or intentionally try to hurt them/get back at them, right?….
Love, has been doing both of these “anger expression methods” to me for quite a while now..
I’m having a hard time dealing with the anger of a normal human lover… what chance do I stand dealing with love –itself- being mad at me?

How can one show remorse to (ystsm7 mn) love?
Maybe by doing what love loves!
Ok, What does love love? Flowers (but I live in a desert!), romance (but that needs a heart and I don’t have one!), sweetness (which indicates giving… bad idea!), ….. oh! I give up! … this thought is complicated (and a bit far fetched too) it’s making me MAD…
hmmm! Maybe that’s what love loves!

Posted by SaudiEve at 4:52 AM


  1. Blogger Nightlegend posted at 1:02 PM, October 29, 2005  
    I liked your expressions ,but why do you believe that Love is mad at you?
  2. Blogger SaudiEve posted at 6:53 PM, October 29, 2005  
    hi nightlegend
    i think love is mad at me because it is doing what any angry person would do... :
    staying away from me
    and intentionally trying to hurt me/get back at me
  3. Blogger EMARAT JABAL SHAMMAR posted at 1:35 AM, October 30, 2005  
    just posted a new post. you may visit my sex dungeon. but be warned. my post is of a sexual nature as usual.

  4. Blogger Hopeless Poet posted at 8:58 PM, October 31, 2005  
    I love love but love hates me! :D
  5. Blogger raf* posted at 9:55 PM, November 25, 2005  

    "love is staying away from me" -- we all could form a club ...

    OR engage in love-less relationships.

    but whom would we be kidding ... nothing less than LOVE will do.

  6. Blogger SaudiEve posted at 2:03 PM, November 28, 2005  

    s7 lsanik.... you said it perfectly

    (OR engage in love-less relationships.but whom would we be kidding ... nothing less than LOVE will do)

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