Saturday, October 29, 2005

The thing about great lovers...

Him: Don’t you like it when I call you “your majesty”?
Her: oh no, ……on the contrary ……. I do intensely
Him: then why don’t you answer to it?
Her: ……
Him: don’t worry 7bebte, you’ll get used to it in time
Her: I don’t think that’s the problem

Being in love with a lover who takes you to new depths of love …who loves you well ….. is a risk.
Its kinda like ur first time swimming , u don’t know what to expect in this totally new territory .. Uncharted land of your heart.
Words they say, the frequency of their need for you, how easily they express their feelings are but a few of what would affect your life and your way of loving forever … They will set new standards that any following lover for a life-time will either have to be compared to and fail , or compete with and fail as well….. Some lovers push the margin so far ahead that no one before or after them would even come close to how much they managed to touch of your heart and soul, and how they satisfied needs in you that even you were oblivious that they exist before. They’ll leave you with such high standards that nothing competes …. Nor satisfies you. Thus, rightfully gaining the description/brand/tag/title for the rest of your life as “the love of my life”.

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