Sunday, October 30, 2005

Three funerals and a wedding

Every once in a while, I have one of those days/weeks/months.. when by coincidence everybody around me is going thru a bad time. Whether its money problems, marital problems, health problems…etc. And I, being very sensitive to any negative energies from others, feel like I’m going thru all their problems, combined!

This week was kindda hard.. it was one of those weeks! Plus, it started with news of three funerals that I’ll have to go to… I don’t think I hate funerals as much as I should!.. yes, they terrify me. Yes, they make me think of my own mortality. Yes, they exhaust me. And yes, they are filled with negative emotions that I somehow manage to pick up for days to come.. in short, this week had “very hard week” written all over it! Plus, I had so many other obligations…

Anyway, Today, I heard, by chance, of how a very sweet sweet sweet friend (who is ten years my senior) that I lost touch of years ago, had finally met her Mr. Right when everybody was saying that it’s too late for her, everybody was snooping into her personal life and saying to her very depressing things, especially when she refused a suitor some years ago girls were saying to her that she’s stupid to refuse him cause he is definitely gonna be the last man to propose marriage to her.. well, it was so nice to hear of her new-found happiness… I wish her everything she wishes for herself J

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