Friday, December 30, 2005

Post 9/11 Saudi Arabia


The one-dollar question: What does WTC, the pentagon, and Saudi Arabia have in common?

When 19 men hijacked four planes, kidnapped hundreds of passengers, and flied them straight into two carefully chosen American targets on 9/11/2001, they were oblivious of the role they were playing in another hijack situation taking place on the other side of the world. 10521 kilometers due east, in a desert land called Saudi Arabia, to be more precise.

You see, Saudi Arabia, the uneventful land of tents and sand, the land of the prophet of “all times/peoples/faiths to come”, the land united with the first Islamic nation in “almadina almonawara” in mind which reserved and defended the rights of even the Jews of almadina, this land has been kidnapped from us -moderate Saudi Muslims - for the last thirty+ years by none other than the -by now infamous- Muslim extremists.

Saudi Arabia’s hijackers, just like the previously mentioned hijackers, presumed total control of every aspect of our lives. They had the first and final say in every aspect one can or cannot imagine. They self-appointed their ignorant elders as our academic consultants, foreign affairs experts, fashion stylists, economic advisors, strategic planning guides, marketing gurus, and even cultural & media connoisseurs. And, like the 9/11 kidnappers, those extremists were heading, not four hundred humans, but rather twenty-two million humans, and a whole nation of great human and geographic wealth to a pre-determined destiny they had pre-planned for us. Our demise.

But, you may ask, what role did the 9/11 hijackers play in the “hijack of Saudi” situation!……. let’s just say that on 9/11 our highjackers masterpieced their own downfall by messing up with the wrong crowd.
……luckily for us, moderate Saudi muslims.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Post 9/11 Saudi Arabia

Part -2-

Saudi women been 7rbeen (between two wars)

Back in 1991, at the peak of Anti-western sentiments in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War, a group of Saudi women took to the streets of Riyadh while driving their cars in a public protest to demand the laws banning Saudi women from driving to be changed in accordance with the rest of the world, and “Logic”.

Less than half an hour later, this rally was abruptly ended when the Saudi religious police “al-hay2a” captured the women, interrogated them, confiscated their cars, confiscated their passports to ban them from leaving the country, fired them from their government jobs (they were re-instated later on), Made public a list of their full names and the names of their male relative guardians “m7rm” to bring shame to any Saudi who belongs to one of the families/tribes mentioned in the notorious “driving ladies” list.

This example has been the “model/prototype” for dealing with anything “female” in Saudi for years to follow, until, ten years later,when in 2001, another type of war was declared on all western nations by a group of mostly Saudi Muslims, which caused a domino effect to take place all around the world, that effect reached Saudi Arabia and led -as a collateral outcome- to Saudi women slowly but steadily getting some of their stolen civil rights back.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Very Frank Thoughts on my birthday:

Last year, as people were congratulating me on the anniversary of my slowly but steadily growing SBE (small business establishment) it seemed –to me- like a very sensible thing to do. After all, -1- my SBE had gracefully passed another year of daily struggles; -2- It had held thru it’s critical first five years when, as shown by statistics, 90% of small businesses go bankrupt during their first five years.

Furthermore, when I hear people congratulating couples on their anniversary it makes sense to me as well … the logic goes like: “happy other year of keeping it together when every one else is either separated already or getting a divorce as you two celebrate your tenth”.. Now that’s a real reason for saying “happy anniversary”

But During the last couple of days, whenever someone said to me “happy birthday” or discussed my b-day festivities, I feel kindda like asking them: oh ya! What’s so happy about it?…
Don’t get me wrong here, it ain’t about "oh my God I’m getting older!" Or "oh my God I’m a year closer to dying!" … I’m not that type of gal . To me, celebrating another year passing on something that is still standing requires the “still standing” bitt…. By all means, I don’t see myself as “still standing” ….

I don’t know, maybe I’m a bitt hard on myself !

For the last ten years I, being a descendant of “Qaseme” origins who hates to see good hard-earned money go to waste, made it a tradition to announce my birthday gift list on the first day of each December to my family/friends/lovers. This year, my sweet fellow bloggers, I broke my tradition …

You see, this year, unlike the previous years, what I want cannot be given to me by humans, no matter how high their credit cards can go. No LV jewelry, custom made shoes flown from across the world, and no mini-vacation to a destination of my choice is on my wish list this year … this year what I want can only be given by a supreme being or a divine intervention…

So here’s my belated 2005 birthday list of gifts I want from GOD himself:
1- A good man…. I can love….. who loves me.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Post 9/11 Saudi Arabia

Part -1-

Would the real “extremist” please stand up!

Ever since 9/11, Muslims all over the world, millions and millions of them, have been blaming Saudi for “exporting extremist/Wahabe brand of Islam” to their countries/to their Muslims.

Well guess who finally caught up with the blame game!

Yes, the usual suspect - Saudi Arabia - has found itself a scapegoat it can try to shift blame for all it’s mistakes to!

LOOOL … (a six “o”’s looooool, two smilies :-) :-) and a “what the fuck!!!”) a couple of days ago, during the live broadcast of the national Saudi debate (al-7iwar al-watane al-sa3odi), a guy called “sheakh Mosa” was saying repeatedly: “this isn’t the Islam of Saudi, this has been exported to Saudi by the al-ikhwan al-muslimeen movement…”
Ok! This is officially funnier than Seinfeld!

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Angry, Venting, make what ever you want of it!!!

Today’s anti-poem; In Hijaa2 of a lover

You are so good to me I could kill you,
They will never blame me; I’ll plea temporary “sanity”!

“Sanity”, what a sweet, sweet word it is,
You should try it sometimes ….
…for once, my love!

They told me it’ll be ok soon, “just wait and see” they said,
I waited.
They are liars, just like you my love.

“The bright side is everything!”,
“focus on the bright side” they say.
They are sweet; I might kill them too, someday.

Yesterday I was a part of God,
Today is just Wednesday.

For instance, I woke up early today.
I saw two lovers dissecting each other’s eyes
In a beautiful, beautiful operating theatre.

Where did you get this beautiful evil from my love?
a local chemist’s magical potion maybe?…
There are other drugs I’d like you to try.
Pesticides, my love.


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Random thoughts & glass

while I was reading a blog today it said to me:
Hey you!… yes, you! you!….the returning visitor, the one staring at the metal and glass!…..why are you here? What are you running from? …. why aren’t you there, now, doing what you humans do…. talking, loving, working, resting, or surviving!!!…. why did you leave all what’s there, to come here, for the 47th time….. to stare at metal and glass… to read and fill your mind with another human’s thoughts …anything to replace the ones in your head….oblivious to the fact that all thoughts, inner as much as imported, turn bad in a cynical mind like yours…

They say “the mind sees what the mind wants”…well, I gave a new meaning to this saying today.
Everywhere I turn my head I see living things mating… even when I looked at my mirror, I saw two butterflies going magnificently at it on the cold piece of glass hung on a wall in my bathroom so unbothered by the chaos of my everyday life… the sterile-ness of me.

I drink a cup of instant, black, Davidoff coffee at 7 AM everyday. Then after I shower and get ready for work I drink a tiny cup of Turkish coffee at 9 AM,
and everyday there’s Love, Lots of Love, in my tiny Turkish coffee glass cup that just seems to escape me for the rest of the day.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: i am Elninio

Remmember elninio, the hurricane? well, i'm it... it seems!coz this came to me via SMS yesterday:
You are the reason of all your problems!
U + ppl
U + men
U + me
U + ur family
U + u
You bring pain to yourself and everyone
around you, when will you wake up and
do something before it’s too late!!!”

SMS, if you’d ask me, is an acronym for Shitty Message Service

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Friday, December 09, 2005

SSS: Saudi Stupid Songs

In early November of every year for the last ten years , I search the cabinet where I keep my old cassettes for a “Dave Matthews Band” cassette, cause every year at the first glimpse of raindrop on this God forsaken desert I need to hear him –Dave Matthews- say: “could I have been a parking lot attendant, could I have been a millionaire, could I have been anyone other than me …”.
When I get sick and my pharmacophobia kicks in big time from a silly silly silly little pain relief pill that any kid would take with out noticing it ain’t M&M’s I listen to “Alanis Morisette” saying “that I would be good if I got and stayed sick… that I would be good even if I lost sanity”.
When I visit my 30 boys that I have “emotionally adopted” at the orphanage and leave feeling helpless after trading them some of my endless hope with some of their endless despair I listen to Phill Collins say “oh, think twice, cause it’s just another day for you and me in paradise”.
When my forgiving nature falls short of forgiving someone who has done me wrong thirteen years ago I listen to “Match Box Twenty” saying: I wanna push you around, I wanna put you down, yeh I will! yeh I will!”
When I watch another war starting at spring time when people just ought to be loving each other instead I listen to “the cranberries” singing: may you see, it’s not me, it’s not my family in your head, in your head their fighting. With their guns and their bombs and their bombs and their bombs..”
When I expect it’s high time i find my prince charming but have to settle for the time being for prince ain’t-no-amount-of-kissing’s-gonna-make-anything-but-a-bastard-outta-that I listen to “George Michael” singing: so why don’t we make a little room in my BMW babe, searching for some peace of mind, I’ll help you find it. I do believe we are practicing the same religion”

On a slightly different note, whenever I look at Saudi boys/young men happily dancing to “ya leel 5brnee 3n amr alme3anat” in a supposedly “happy” occasion in a live concert of their favorite singer ever “Mohammad Abdu” while on their summer/winter vacations in Beirut, Paris, or London. Or gals/women in wedding parties dancing to their favorite for such an occasion “sob7ano we gidro 3lek we 5alok tinsa a7babk” I wonder: is this country all masochistic?
I have nothing against Arabic songs… new ones … old ones … good ones … bad ones… even ugly ones, and I know there are songs like: min bade alwgt. I just would like to see more songs coming from us Arabs -(especially Saudi’s) who give very high value to values such as: helping the needy, accepting reality as it is, altwkl 3la Allah…etc.- about these subjects and less songs about: well, lost love that ironicaly “we” Saudi’s don’t believe in.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

I write when i feel something, anything.
Something happened a couple of days ago… and I didn't feel anything..
Something bad happened and I stopped feeling... I don't know for how long , but I stopped...

Just a defense mechanism I learned when I was a kid.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

لقاء بين الذين ذهبوا
الحلقة الثالثة: الذين رحلو
س : و ماذا جرا لذاك ؟ الـعشـ ....... الرجل الجديد ؟
ن : رحل! ... رحل مثل كل الذين رحلو ... فهو و عشاقها الكثيرون ... – و منهم أنت يا عزيزي- لستم مجرد عبث من عبثها ... طفلتي الصغيرة تمل دماها بسرعة ... و أنتم كلكم تأتون و ترحلون كما أتيتم , ترحلون دون حتى أن تحصلو على متعة أن تعرفوا أنكم للتو تركتم الجنة ... كلكم, كلكم تذهبون, و أنا فقط الباقي .
س : ( بصوت منخفض) أمتأكد !
ن : من ماذا ؟
س : أنك ........"باقي"؟
ن : ( يرتفع صوته ) هه ! متأكد ؟.... ما هذا السؤال الأبله! ... و كنت بصدق تعتقد أنك -بهذا العقل- تملك فرصة حقيقية معها ! ... أبهذا العقل تستغرب أنها لم تخبرك عني! ... لا بل عن أي شيء!! ... أنت لا تعرف عنها أي شيء ... أي شيء ... كلما تحدثت معك أكثر أتأكد من ذلك ...... فعلاً سؤال أبله!! ... وحدي أنا الذي عرفتها أما أنتم فـ(يقاطعه)
س : أنا أعرف ما يكفيني .. أعرف أنها ..... في زمني القصير معها ....أحبتني ... بصدق و ليس كما تصف ابداً
ن : أحبتك إذاً! .....هه! ( بسخرية )و كيف أحبتك يا "أبو حُب" ؟
س : ... كيف أحبتني ؟.......(يبسط كفيه و يرفع كتفيه) أحبتني ! .........أحبتني .......أحبتني مثلما تحب النساء!..... كانت تحب صوتي, تحب .... قربي منها ... اهتمامي بها ... تحب .... تنام بقرب حاجاتي الصغيرة التي تحتفظ بها ... تقبل صورتي في اليوم مرات .... تشتاق لي ... تحلم بي ... تغرقني برسائلها التي أخبرتها يوماً أن لا أحد يكتب أجمل منـ.. (يقاطعه)
ن : وكما أخبرتها أنا قبلك ...و كما عشيقها الذي حدثتك عنه ...و كما أتوقع أن أخبرها كل عشاقها ... آه كم نبدو نحن مملين مقارنة بها ...... أتعتقد أنها كانت تمل منا فتهجرنا لهذا السبب؟.. ..... تهجرنا لتنتقل لحبيبٍ جديد, لا يمللها .. لا يمللها إلى أن يرتكب أكبر حماقة في حياته, هه! بل وأكبر حماقة في نظرها هي ايضاً ! .... و هي أن يحبها .... أن يحبها رجل.... يحبها فيكلمها بكل توافه قلبه ... بكل التوافه التي يكلم الأحبة العاديون بها بعضهم.. يقول لها عن فقدانه الشهية منذ أن أحبها.. و عن فقدانه القدرة على التركيز.... و فقدانه نفسه التي -بكل سخف- أضاعها بها,و كأنه يتحدثها عن محفظته أو مفتاح منزله ... و هي , (بسخرية) كونها غير بقية نساء الكون...كونها .... حوّاء.... أمنا حوّاء ذاتها! .... لا يسوغها هذا الحديث .... لا يسوغها –كبقية النساء- رجلاً صادقاً يناديها ببساطة مشاعره "يا قلبي" ... يمللها .... هذا الرجل –الصادق- يمللها ... ......هي تنتظر رجلاً يقول لها كلاماً آخر .... كلاماً ملهماً من الله ......من الله الواحد الأحد , و ليس من بطنه أو قلبه !........ أو أي من أعضائة الاخرى!!....... رجل يراها فيقول أنت... أنت من أوجدك الله مني ......أوجدك لي, خصيصاً لي .......ولا شي أقل من ذلك!....... تنتظر رجل يقول لها كلاماً مقدساً ... رجلاً تأتيه النبؤه إذ أحبها ...... رجل فور أن يراها يتفوه بكلام مثل : دعي الكون الجماد و عودي لجسدي ......رجل يقول لها عن جسده "مكانك الذي أخذت منه أول مره" ...... مكانك الذي أخذك منه الله ....و هاهو الله يعيدك..يكرمني فيعيدك.... رجل يقول تعالي نكوّن جسدا واحدا كما شائنا الله أول مره.... هي تنتظر رجل يقول " عظم من عظامي و لحم من لحمي" لا أقل من ذلك .... أبداً... رجلاً يقول كلاماً الهياً ........ تنتظر ذلك الرجل .... ولا ترغب بصدق بغير ذلك الرجل ......... تنتظر و لا تعلم أن هذا الكلام لا يقوله الرجال ... لا يقوله الرجال العاديون اذا احبوا ... حتى الشعراء لن يتمكنوا من قوله لها .... و لا السياسيون من شراءه لها ..... هذا الكلام لا يقوله إلا أمثال اليسوع .... و كلنا نعلم أنه لا أمثال لليسوع في هذه الدنيا ..... كلام كهذا لا نسمعه نحن البشر إلا عبر الأنبياء .... عبر الانبياء ذاتهم...... و عبر الانبياء فقط!!...و لأنكم – انت و كل عشاقها- كلكم ....لستم أنبياء ... فإنكم تمللونها !.......تمللونها فتطردكم و تنتقل لمن لا يمللها ..... لمن لا يمللها, بعد .
س :.....لا لا .....لا أعتقد !...بل كانت تحب أن أناديها يا..... هي أطيب و أبسط... أنا أعرف ذلك عنها على الأقل .... هي تحب الحب ... و تموت دونه.... أنا متأكد من ذلك
( يتذكر كل منهما حواراته معها, يتذكران ردات فعلها, و يتسائلان أيهما يحدث حقيقتها. إن كانت لها حقيقة واحدة! )

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Friday, December 02, 2005


First Saudi women elected to Jeddah’s chamber of commerce board :
Whenever there’s Saudi’s discussing this subject, or other similar matters, one cannot but notice a re-occurring sentence.”…. so Saudi women could prove to the world that they are capable of blah blah blah…” I’ve heard it on TV, read it in newspapers, I even came across it on different blogs.

Well, my dear People who say this sentence…. I have some NEWS for you!!!!
Saudi women DO NOT have to “prove” shit for “the world”.
You see, “the world”, does not suspect nor have a pre-conceived notion of incompetence on part of Saudi females! As a matter of fact, if you haven’t heard, “the worldstopped having those kinds of ideas regarding any Human since… huh!… the fuckin dark ages!!!

So next time you feel inclined to say such a comment try to place credit where it’s due and rather chose from the following whatever may suit your taste: prove to gender-segregated-Saudi, to Saudi’s sexist men, to Saudi’s religious extremists, or even to Saudi wahabi’s….. I don’t care, as long as you say anything but “to the world”!!!
Thank you!

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

black abaya, black-hearted man

I drink my black coffee
I wear a black abaya, black sunglasses, and black shoes

I get into a black car, with a black chauffeur
I watch the black asphalt all the way
I go a long way…. A very long way, to meet a man with a black, black heart.
( Saudi. 1995)

I drink my white coffee
I wear a white dress, white sunglasses, and white shoes

I get into a white car, with a white chauffeur
I watch the white clouds all the way
I go a long way … a very long way, to meet a man with a black, black heart.
( Lebanon. 2000)

I drink nothing
I wear nothing
I stay in bed
I read from a Quran on my lap
The black, black-hearted man still finds me.
( France. 2005)

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